Month: June 2017

How to make Pdf to word file convert

pdf to word file convert:Are you wanted to make your pdf file,to convert.But you don’t get proper solution.No problem,you come on right places.i will shaw you good website.where you can make any web site word to pdf. pdf to word convert.Also more features.Most of online converting web site not good.there not enough faculty for converting any file.but i give you a good web site link.So that you can make your file any format.Also there faculty good & most reasonable.All services are free.Also People always search good faculty web site.if your web site good content.So that you get real visitors...

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How To Make WordPress Web Site More Secure

WordPress: WordPress World most popular cms.It’s easy features most effective cms(Content Management System).Now most of Website Building wordpress cms.If anybody wanted building Blog site so that,blogger always like wordpress cms.Because it’s easy to use & most seo Friendly Cms.Now i will Shaw you how to make wordpress web site more secure.if needs to download.Please click the the link.So that you can easy way to download WordPress Cms SSL:SSL Means(Secure Sockets Layer).Its very important for website security & web site keyword ranking.SSL also give your web site most security.If your web site more secure.So that you get more visitor.Also Google Always...

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How To Make Your Mail Password Secure

Many people Work in office & use mail for corresponding each other.But most of people don’t know how to secure your mail password.I will shaw you some point.if you maintain the rules.So that your password Life time secure. 1.When you login your Email.Don’t use remember Option. 2.Always use update Web browser. 3.Sometimes Deleted your web browser Cookies. 4.Always use  Mobile Verification System Loock . 5.Always Avoid scam Web site & don’t use email  id. 6.Don’t Use Fake mail id & Information. 7.Try to some time delete Junk Email. 8.Never use VPN for Mail Server Login. 9.Never click Scam Email....

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Most Important Codes for Android Mobile Phones

Today Android Phone Most of powerful Technology for achievement google.Its useful Features make android phone most of popular. Hope so it’s most of popular as early as possible,One day more than Iphone Company. Really Good service google products & more faculties. Always Google provided Best services. Most Important Codes for Android Mobile Phones Galaxy S6 * # 9090 # Control diagnosis (service Mode) * # 9900 # SysDump * # 7353 # Menu with several screen tests, camera, sensors, vibration and other ** 05 ** # Unlock PUK code from the emergency dialer * # 06 # Displays IMEI and SN *...

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  • Why Adsense suspend Most 10 reasons behind Adsense suspension October 20, 2017
    Why Adsense suspend? Most 10 reasons behind Adsense suspension: Adsense is a good way to earn, but nowadays it has become very hard prevent your account from suspension. Adsense has become very strict about their advertiser security and policies, and that is why there can be many reasons that can lead your account to suspension. […]
  • What Is Xampp Web Server And How to install it? October 19, 2017
    What Is Xampp Web Server And How to install it?  XAMPP is the easiest way of creating a local web server and developers find it a useful and effective tool.Its popularity is rising day by day,particularly because of its user-friendly nature.Furthermore, you can use this software free of cost. The word XAMPP  islike an acronym […]
  • How to make money google adsense legal way October 12, 2017
    How to make money google adsense:Many people wanted to make money google adsense.but they don’t know how to get real earning google adsense.many people wanted earn money sort cute way.but google never like,short cut way.if google understand you use any bad strategy.Google suspend your adsense account any time.So never use short cut any process or  […]
  • Google Most Powerful On Pages two seo Technology October 6, 2017
    Google Webmaster Tools:Google World most popular & best search engine.So if you wanted to make your web site google first pages.So needs must be white seo.without white seo,you can’t ranking your web site.Google always like best technology related website,information related & best content web site.Also google check that.your web site looking good & powerful information […]
  • Why Google Most Popular Search Engine Technology October 2, 2017
    Why Google Most Popular Search Engine In the World:Now google World most Popular search engine.World many developer & programmer build in many search engine.But they never build in as like google search engine,Because google search engine so many strong & their algorithm so many taluf to understand.Google always search world’s most talented people.if you are […]
  • Best iPhone 8 Mobile Features and Facility September 26, 2017
    The all new Apple iPhone 8 is here with a bang. While everyone was expecting Apple to introduce the usual iPhone 7S, apple changed their minds and introduced a whole new mobile, iPhone 8. For people who in the near future cant get there hands on the iPhone X, they have the option to buy […]
  • How to setup Office Networking system September 24, 2017
    Office Network System:When you wanted to set up your office networking system.So that you needs to realize,how to setup your office networking system.Office network system Depended your plan,office cost & network layer.If you wanted to set up office network system.So firstly you should purchase real ip your ISP(Internet Service provider).Then you needs to divided ip […]