Month: July 2017

How to transfer one laptop to another laptop data Transfer use Cross cabling

Are you network engineer?yes so that this post is very important for you.How to transfer data to one computer to another  computer.This work easily  possible to use hard drive or pen drive.but if your office this two option not avilable.So how can transfer data one computer to other computer. Requirement: 1.Needs networking cable(Rg-5) 2.Punch machine 3.Cable connector   Procedure:Firstly you needs to punch your two cable,then connect the cable two computer.also next must input local ip address.two computer.So can work easily to transfer  data one computer to another computer. also you needs to share two computer hard drive.if...

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How To Removed My WordPress Web Site Malware & Web Site Hacking Problem Solve

The term malware is a retrenchment of malicious software. In simple words, we can say malware is any piece of software that was written with the determined of doing harm to data, website or devices. The following are common classes of malware, but it’s hardly meticulous: virus, Trojans, spyware, worms, ransomware, adware and botnets. Each class of malware has its own way of infecting and harming computers and data. So, each class requires a different malware removal method. Avoiding apprehensive emails, links or websites are good online behaviours to have, but will only get you so far; attackers can...

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How to Recovery Windows System File & Repair hard Disk drive bad Sector

This software tools really good.Also many features are available have.You can pertication hard Drive,Windows os file Recovery,Low Level hard Disk partition,Windows password Changes & more features.firstly needs to download,then you can use Bootable pen Drive or Bootable Cd.When your pc Operating system load any foult.So that you can use this tools.Just click here,to download link when you use it,For Bootable.firstly you needs to check that your pen drive capacity.   Requirements: 1.Windows Os File 2.Hiren Bootable software 3.Bootable Pen Drive or CD Note:if needs any more undersatnd.So that,please fill up contact form  & submit.So that,i help you.How to...

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How to backup Windows Operating System File and Data backup System

Windows Operating  System File Backup: As a hardware Engineer,you needs some time system  file needs  backup.Most of time fault your your Operating system.So needs desktop file backup.This tools very important for backup system. So many features  have this can use data recovery,disk check system,os  user password changing,hard disk participation,Etc.but firstly you needs to Bootable this tools,then you can easily  to use.You can bootable it CD or Removable Pen Drive.Most of hardware engine use this tools.If needs to download.Please click here to find out Active Boot Disk.Also try to purchase  use products.because free version don’t have so many Faculty.if you use...

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Mother Boad Driver Setup Without CD

Are you hardware Engineer.So most of time needs to computer operating system loading.But most of time you don’t get that mother board cd available.So that how can install Driver your computer.No problem.i give you proper to setup windows motherboard driver.Without cd.Technology updated.most of people depend online.So that you found most of solution Online base.i will tell you one software which your make work easy to load any driver personal computer or laptop.Driver Most popular & most user friendly software.just needs software download Bootable your cd or pen drive.its make your work easy.most of hardware engineer.use this software.Always...

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