Month: August 2017

Difference between a Web Programmer and a Software Engineer

Programmer: Programming might sounds easy to many of us as we know it is related to computer and websites etc but if you dig deep into it and study it in detail then you will surely come to know that it is quiet complex and you need to study hard in order to understand coding and other programming basics. Now, there are basic two terms that get confused with one another, the first is “web programming” and the other is “Software Engineering”. People who do not have much knowledge about these terms often mix them and think of them...

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How to Configuration Microtic Router & Benefits of Microtic Router

How to Configuration Microtic Router & Benefits of Microtic Router: Mikrotik is a software developing company in Latvia, which has been developing advance and qaulity version of a Linux router since 1995. In 2002, they first offered a Wi-Fi hotspot capability which operated with definite internal (to the Linux computer) wireless cards and a few APs. In the mid of 2003, this range ofrouter/ networking has expanded to allow working with a wide range of vendor’s typical Wireless Access Points. Mikrotik routerOS is the operating system of Mikrotik router board hardware. This networking system can also be installed on...

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  • How to increase any Ad Sense Web Site Good Earning and Cost per Click (CPC) January 17, 2018
    For a blogger, A Sense can be a prime source of revenue, and that is why they should not ignore the importance of AdSense optimization. The main target should be to get more cost per click but not most of the bloggers and website owners manage to achieve that. So, if you fall in the […]
  • Why google Penalty Your Web Site January 3, 2018
    Google Most popular search engine.Many people wanted his website ranking’s really bad.So that they are use black hat seo.Its really bad for website ranking.Sometimes you get good result.But future you should get bad effect your website.Try to make web site seo friendly content & make web site high Quality backlink.Also try to make website […]
  • Google Adsense Approved Technique December 12, 2017
    Google World most Popular Search engine.There service Always good.This post i will discuss about adsense Approved Technique .How to approved adsense easy way. Domain Name:Google Always like top level Domain.Always try to purchase top level Domain.Google also like unique & Creativity Domain name.So Always try to search top level Domain name& Purchase Good Name.   […]
  • How to Earn Lot of Money Use Google Adsense December 7, 2017
    How to earn More Money use google Adsense:  Google World most popular search engine.There service always good.If you wanted more money google adsense.You must Develop good website & seo.this post.i will discuss how can you earn lot of money use google adsense. Blog Site: Adsense always like blog site.if your web site good name& web site good […]