We are providing you a combination of web design, Website Customization, custom theme development, PSD to WordPress Conversion and other relevant sides. Multi-dimensional services will appear to you. Your website includes your taste & desire, provided features by Techknowledgeeguru will combine both & then present to you. You will get the reflection in everyday performance of the website. Nurturing your website and then grow it into a flourished one, that’s what we serve to you.

Looking for Creative Responsive Website Design? We are just Here!!

We have experienced web  Designer’s Techknowledgeeguru, serving global clients with a creative and user-friendly design. Our designer troop has completed already 500+ projects successfully by implementing a professional design in the client’s project according to meeting the expectation of clients.

Let Our Experts Build Up A Design for Your Dream Website

We have experienced We’re specialized in Creating Creative designs. At first, we take some time to understand client’s concepts and the expectation.Then we go with our own flow- We stay in constant touch with our client to show how we are portraying their ideas, in Reality, the abstract in concrete. We know that clients start visualizing the whole website thing when they see the real progress. Making them known to our dedication is our job.

If we come to the description of the websites created by us in general, we’ll say- it’s cost-effective, creative and quality! the website will be fit for maintaining compatibility with major browsers as our Our Quality Control team tests it through various tests like operating systems, devices, W3c, CSS and SEO standards and for also security testing.

WordPress Customization

At Techknowledgeeguru, everything ‘WordPress’ is going to be our strong suit, and we will highly offer you WordPress theme customization services that let you transform any problem of your themes to direct solutions. These solutions will be all-inclusive, versatile and surely riveting. We prefer to take every measure to be responsive and compatible across almost every platform at the time of tailoring your themes. We try to avoid the mainstream each and every time and deliver services, making this customization a satisfying romp.

Best-in-class tools and technologies are leveraged by us. Techknowledgeeguru solutions answer all the questions that arise while modifying a WordPress theme. We try to get rid of the maze of complexity associated with this exercise by breaking it into simpler and smaller pieces. That helps a lot to accelerate the growth of your website. It also acts as the fuel behind the whole process of a website and its customization. To ascertain that the final solution perfectly falls in sync with your expectations and the factors that dictate the current market trends, we deliver the WordPress theme customization services that can help you in pitching the most qualitatively-optimized and dynamic themes to the end-user.

WordPress Plugin Development

If yours one is a WordPress-powered website, then we must add a greater degree of indulgence and customization capability there. Plugin development is the suitable answer. The WordPress plugin development services serves as the perfect catalyst for its diversification. WordPress is unquestionably the best platform of its age and it does toss at everyone an unbridled set of remarkable features and capabilities. However, at times, when you are in need of something more specific, WordPress offers you that as a package consisting of a lot of unnecessary fluff. At other times, you simply can’t find it. That’s when you need to be rescued. That’s exactly when Techknowledgeeguru powerful and virile plugins come into the tray. You just have to enjoy the meal!

We pay the closest attention to every single detail and then register your requirements. Techknowledgeeguru develops plugin helping you avoid the difficult and typical sweat-soaked exercise of writing long-winding codes for injecting certain attributes to the site.We confirm you with WordPress plugins that can boost your site’s security; speed up your website; boost your site’s social media connectivity; make it more SEO optimized, create room for customizable widgets, etc. Our suite of plugins give you the wherewithal to be flamboyant when you need to be flamboyant, and be restrained when subtlety is what you want your website to flaunt.

PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

Cent percent diligent-programmers work in Techknowledgeeguru and it has acquired a significant position in the list of the best PSD to WordPress conversion theme service providers. It ensures quick loading & W3C- compliant WordPress themes.

HTML to WordPress Conversion

A solid 24% of the internet is powered by WordPressand the numbers are increasing now. But it’s not from peer-pressure, but the absolute adaptability, user-friendliness, and control provided by this platform. You can leverage all the wonderful WordPress features if you desire to boost your online business with us-Techknowledgeeguru. We totally get the point of technical expertise needed to convert HTML to WordPress. We have a team of seasoned developers who work diligently for ensuring pixel-perfect delivery each & every time. Meticulously coded by a team of professional developers, our services are W3C validated and cross-browser compatible.

Techknowledgeeguru has a solid client satisfaction record of more than 5 years. We have catered to clients across the globe and delivered HTML to WordPress conversion services timely and very efficiently. Only the best for our clients: We use latest platform-specific technologies and the most future-proofed trends and methodologies to get the exact solution.

All of our projects are reviewed by another team of experts to ensure maximum functionality. The projects are forwarded for delivery after rigorous testing and brought to life with constant collaboration between clients and our developers. You can be very sure that the very last feature of the website is inserted after your approval, allowing projects to be developed with pinpoint precision using previews and real-time comments and edits to your specifications and our exacting quality standards. We understand your requirements and combine our knowledge of the platform and expert insight to provide you with the most cost-effective conversion from HTML to WordPress. We extend unwavering, round-the-clock technical support to our patrons. Our responsive team of support staff is only a call or a message away. So get us whenever you feel to contact!

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer

No doubt, WordPress is a very popular open source blogging platform. It is now being regarded as the best CMS for small business websites and also for the blogs. The customization feature of WordPress lets the developer to develop a website as perfect as the need and requirement of the client.

Techknowledgeeguru, leading and professional web consulting firm provides website design, website development, and maintenance services. We are intensely involved in delivering WordPress solutions with quality to grt that only reaction ‘satisfied’ from our clients. Our expertise includes WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development and customization and WordPress application development where WordPress is used as a framework to develop the application.  With years of experience in this CMS, we are now expert in almost everything related to WordPress; from site maintenance and enhancement to fully customized powerful websites.

Other Services

We also provide WordPress widget development, WordPress problems solution, Woocommerce and WordPress related all services.Also we are provided web site hack problem solve,web site malware removed and web site speed optimization Services.