Why Google Most Popular Search Engine In the World:Now google World most Popular search engine.World many developer & programmer build in many search engine.But they never build in as like google search engine,Because google search engine so many strong & their algorithm so many taluf to understand.Google always search world’s most talented people.if you are talent,so google search you or any way give you good opportunity for job faculty there company.Also google check that,most of people search which topics,there search engine.if you search bad formula or topices.So that google,think you are negative person.Always try to search google important issues & formula.So google think you are talent & learning many thing.I hope future don’t overcome any search engine,as like google.Because google service really awesome & always best service. World most popular company  microsoft  & yahoo build in search engine.But they are not popular as like google search engine.So try to search important formula & search good topics google search engine.So i hope you also get good job opportunity in google company. Also try to apply google jobs.So that,if you are perfect,i hope google,knock you & give you job opportunity.Also always try to own creativity,Google like own creativity,they are always dislike topics or article  copy paste.