What Is Xampp Web Server And How to install it? 

XAMPP is the easiest way of creating a local web server and developers find it a useful and effective tool.Its popularity is rising day by day,particularly because of its user-friendly nature.Furthermore, you can use this software free of cost.

The word XAMPP  islike an acronym and comprises the initials representing the basic properties of this server.

  • X refers to Cross-platform
  • A refers to Apache
  • M refers to Maria DB
  • P refers to PHP (Scripting language)
  • P refers to PERL


This is a cross-platform server which means it has great compatability for all tyes and kinds of software and hardware. It can be used on all the computer systems. Whether you use windows PC, MAC or Lunix, it runs well on all.


It is a known and widely used web server software across the globe and is needed for most of the software and applications to run smoothly. Most developers prefer this one as it is free to use and is open source.
Maria DB:

It is a known database server which is open source and XAMPP Supports this.


Initially, it was known as apersonalhome page and now it is considered as the abbreviation of PHP Hypertext Processor and is the scripting language of theserver.


It stands for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language.It is a programing language and is used for development of web applications and network programming.


Thus, XAMPP is an open source web server packagewhich is free to use.


How to install?

Following is the complete step by step guide for installing the XAMPP Software on Windows system and MAC computers.The installation is very easy

  • The first step is to make sure that the anti-virus is disabled If you don’t disable it, it may cause some trouble with XAMPP’s components and problems in successful installation.
  • Now disable the User Account Control. It is important to disable the user control as it can force theinstallation in the other
  • Begin the installation process. In order to do so, double click on the XAMPP installer.
  • Now click on ‘Next’ as we do in most of the software installaions.
  • You can choose which components you want to install.You may select the default option and click on ‘Next’.
  • Now select the location for installation of XAMPP.Thje folder you select must have sufficient space for all the web applications.
  • Once you choose the folder, the setup is ready for installation.Choose ‘Next’ and wait for the unpacking and installation of the components.
  • After it is done, you can open the control panel.

How to use it?

After installing, you should test it first that whether you have successfully installed it or not. Following is the step by step method for testing your installation.

By following the below mentioned steps, you will launch an Apache web server and develop a simple PHP file.

  • Open the control panel first. Now click on the start under actions for the module of apache. It will provide instructons to XAMPP for initiating the webserver.
  • Now open your net browser and type ‘ http://localhost
  • Now choose the language.
  • Your screen is now indicating that your installation was successful.
  • In order to ensure the successful installation of PHP, follow the given guidelines.
  • Open notepad and create a new document file.
  • Type the below mentioned words in the same manner.
  • <?php
  • Echo ‘Hello World’;
  • ?>
  • Now store this document file with the name of test.php in the C drive in XAMPP directory.
  • Now move to the localhost/test.php. The ‘Hello World’ will appear.

This means you have successfully written your first php file.