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We are here to help you to grow your business with web development and web design services.

We, understand the importance of your websites and equipping your sites with suitable and appealing Web designs. One of the services we offer are web and Web design. Through the help of our experienced and creative web designers and graphic artists, help you to create a remarkable presence online.

Why you need a website?

Not many people realize the importance of websites. Below, we list some of the reasons why you should consider having your own site, or if you already have one, why you should think of improving it.

  • It is a source of information about you, your company, or your products and services online.
  • It offers an opportunity to build a company or individual’s online presence.
  • It targets a global reach.
  • It introduces various products and/or services that consumers may be looking for.


Importance of web and graphic design

Web graphics play an important role, especially when it is matter of eye-catching, it can leave a lasting mark to your visitor, prospect, or customer. They can be likened to a usual marketing strategy, where you build simple yet striking websites that will make visitors browse them to look for the information you have to offer.

Of course, this should be properly paired with the proper information to make it perfect. Keywords do bring in the visitors but the user experience can all the more keep them on your site. This will prevent them from leaving and searching for other sites that present their product or service more methodically.


The ideal web and graphic design for you

Since the need of individuals (freelancers) and experts (groups) vary, so do website design. Here are some quick information that you need to know:

  1. Ideally, the people who have been hired by larger organizations come armed with the proper experience.

This then help in constructing an efficient website boasting of an elegant but professional look.

  1. It is simply about the graphics or images you place on your site.

There are other factors such as navigation, page speed and user friendliness, all pegged to provide the immediate help of the website owner.

  1. The best way to go about a proper website design is to know your target market.

This could be based on gender, age groups, technical expertise, or even lifestyle. These factors alone can help you decide the extent of how complex or simple your website should be. However, remember that the most important thing is providing answers and introducing your brand to customers and prospects.

  1. Proper communication, information and interaction are equally important.

This is as important as coming up with unique designs to add to a company’s branding flavor. Hence, before doing so, know your needs. Also, determine the level of complexity needed to produce the proper website that can add more identity to your brand or business.

At techknowledgeguru, we understand the needs of business owners – whether their business is small or medium sized, or one that operates on a much larger scale. One of which is to have a website that works perfectly at all times. These websites serve as an additional means for these businesses to earn more money. As such, it is important that all elements on their pages are cohesive, well thought of, and most importantly, functional.


We offer any kind of web development including e-Commerce to any application.


We are specializes in web development and in web design with the goal of increasing conversion rates and generate more leads.

Some services we offer include:

  • Creating custom themes to suit our clients’ specific needs and site requirements using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal etc.
  • Utilizing numerous extensions and modules to create a website that is not only functional, but also have an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Creating websites with 100% unique designs and themes.
  • Coming up with any kind of custom CMS to suit our clients’ requirements using Netor PHP
  • Developing ecommerce platform for our valued customer using magento, opencart , woocommerce etc , sometimes doing the custom ecommerce solution for our valued customer to sale their product online.
  • Developing plugins and theme fro magento , woocommerce , opencart etc


Techknowledgeguru e-Commerce Solutions

True to Techknowledgeguru vision of making lives easier and faster with the touch of new and innovative technology, you are sure to get the best quality of e-commerce services and solutions. Our e-Commerce solutions include:



If you are an online business owner, and would like unparalleled control and flexibility across the appearance, functionality and content of your online e-commerce store, then Magento is the one you need.

Why choose Magento?

  • packed with unique features
  • with instinctive administration interface that includes high-powered marketing
  • let’s you manage your catalogue to generate websites that are customized to your individual requirements
  • offers SEO
  • Many more




Having just launched in 2011, and now claiming to power around 17% of e-commerce websites online, WooCommerce is believed to be the most well-known and in demand open source, e-commerce plug-in that uses WordPress.



Why Choose WooCommerce?

  • created to cater to all kinds of online businesses that use WordPress
  • suits both small-scale and large-scale enterprises
  • utilized by well-known high-traffic sites like Small Press Expo and Internet Systems Consortium
  • developed and continually being sustained by more than a million developers and users
  • developers offer users the best of the best






OpenCart is your secure, open source shopping cart system for your online business website that allows you to run it efficiently cost-wise. You can use it on any website server that runs on MySQL or PHP.

Why choose OpenCart?

  • free, ready-to-use shopping cart solution
  • offers various templates that suit your business
  • user-friendly system for convenient online shopping
  • utilizes order management,
  • has multiple payment getaways
  • unlimited support and software updates from its developers


Responsive Website design

We do responsive site for you! Why and what is responsive, a site that is suited each and every devices such a realistic way, it will be easy to readable easy to handle of mobile viewer no matter what is screen size no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop.

What is main focus! Responsive web design mainly focus for great viewing experience for everyone. All kind of user mobile, desktop, tab even desktop get benefit of it.

Techknowledgeguru providing superb quality responsive web design for its client as eye catching as well as informatics comfort to read.


 Mobile site‏

Don’t want responsive, want different look and feel, can make a mobile site – application will detect device and will open another version for mobile devices – with customized look and feel.

For the dynamic, on-the-go online business marketer in you, techknowledgeguru also equips you with a mobile site as well as mobile apps to cater to you wherever you go and whenever you need to do business transactions.

  • Techknowledgeguru boasts of a highly technically skilled set of iPhone and Android application software developers
  • We will ensure value-adding services to your mobile business operations.


Payment Integration‏

Techknowledgeguru  presents to you various payment integration solutions for your online business website, letting you receive credit card payments, debit card, personal checks, and even mobile transfers.

We also work with renowned payment service providers such as PayPal, Payoneer,Bank Tranfer.


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Websites are technically your online profile so try not to overdo them. Instead, make sure that all necessary information and answers are available for your readers. Techknowledgeguru can definitely help you have the ideal website design and add the right graphics to your site. Contact us at your earliest convenience and let’s discuss your next big strategy


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